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We would like to welcome you to our website, please use it with the spirit of educating yourself, friends and family. This website is designed to educate readers, like you, about the nature of holistic therapies and how to avert major ailments.

It took us a few years in the making until we found a protocol in which we decided to follow and now we bring it to you. A person’s genetic make up is something that you can not change, but the lifestyle you lead will out way any situation you are predestined to.

“It’s not what you eat but what you absorb” unknown

Inflammation, Inflammation, Inflammation…. It is the key to any disease process; unfortunately it is not apparent until it’s too late!

Wouldn’t it be nice to predict and prevent any situation in which you may encounter? Wouldn’t it be enlightening to be in touch with your body?

Eating & exercising what is right for your body,
Foreseeing when you are running low of energy
Predicting when you are going to be sick
Being empowered to correct it

Holistic Therapeutic Solutions will teach you how to be aware of such things, creating a lifestyle of great eating habits, exercises and daily routines tailored specifically for you. Empowering you with the knowledge of your being, like an owner’s manual.

Our mission statement is:

To empower the knowledge of a holistic lifestyle to anyone willing to learn. Every day should be a learning process, therefore let the Universe guide you.

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Radio interview about Holistic Body Analysis

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